Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which fragrances does Ambrosia sell?

Ambrosia has more than 100 fragrances in its range. New additions to the range are considered based on demand. If you desire a fragrance that is not in the Ambrosia range, then please send us an e-mail or SMS indicating the fragrance name and we will notify you as soon as it is introduced into our range. For a printable/ downloadable list of fragrances currently in the Ambrosia range Click here.

Q: Many generic fragrances have a bad reputation, what makes the Ambrosia perfumes any different?

The quality of raw materials and the manufacture’s understanding of the intricacies of perfume manufacturing are factors for consideration here. Some generic perfume makers use low grade perfume oils which are used to create lighter scents for soap, air freshener and washing powder while the top-grade fragrances, imported from some of the best suppliers in Europe, are used for fine fragrances. Regrettably some manufacturers use the lower grade oils in their imitation fragrances to keep their prices down. This results in a perfume that may not have an olfactory likeness to the originals. Further, the quality w.r.t the sillage and longevity will be compromised.

Each fragrance in the Ambrosia range is prepared from the best quality raw materials under optimum and carefully controlled conditions. This not only ensures optimal product strength, but also exceptional sillage and longevity. It is our quality that separates us from other perfume manufacturers and suppliers.

  • The raw materials used in the manufacture of the Ambrosia range are imported from the world’s most reputable suppliers. These suppliers in turn source their raw materials from various locations across the globe where the soil and climatic conditions are best suited for the species of plants, flowers, spices, nuts, fruit moss and tree barks that are required. The extraction and distillation processes used to obtain the essential oils are non-destructive thereby ensuring the best quality essential oils.
  • Every fragrance within the Ambrosia range is carefully prepared by blending the various ingredients in the correct ratios and in the correct sequence to ensure that the two most important aspects of quality (sillage and longevity) are optimized and, where applicable, that the olfactory likeness to the originals is exceptional. Ambrosia’s strict quality control standards ensures that each fragrance in the range is prepared under optimal and carefully controlled temperatures with due consideration given to reaction kinetics. The manufacture of quality perfumes is as much an art as it is a science and due to the varied nature of the blends of the fragrances a “one size fits all” approach will not work if quality is an uncompromising objective.

Q: Can Ambrosia create a unique fragrance, one that does not have an olfactory likeness to any other known fragrance?

Yes, we can. This is something that fashion designers have a keen interest in. If you have a fashion boutique, or a chain of hair and beauty salons then retailing any of the quality fragrances manufactured by Ambrosia under your own brand will do wonders to enhance your brand image. We can tailor a fragrance to suit your needs and assist with customized packaging to complement your brand image.

Q: Is there an easy way to understand a fragrance composition and description?

The Fragrance Pyramid can help with this – Click here. For basic and detailed descriptions of fragrances in the Ambrosia range simply go to the “Ambrosia Woman or Ambrosia Man” page and click on the fragrance with olfactory likeness to the names indicated.

Q: Where can I find some info on how fragrances are classified?

Click here for some basic info on classification. You can also search the internet for “Fragrance wheel”

Q: How long will it take to deliver my chosen perfume?

It usually takes three to four business days, not including day of order. Please note that for certain outlying areas, the delivery may take additional days.

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