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Business opportunityAmbrosia Quality Perfume Sample Kit

Become a retailer of Ambrosia products today and begin earning unlimited additional income on a part-time basis or on a full time basis. The exceptional quality will enable you to develop a loyal customer base with repeat sales thereby making it possible to generate additional income in a sustainable and progressive way.

Bulk purchases of between R1000 and R1500 will entitle you to discounts of 20%. Bulk purchases of between R1500 and R3600 will entitle you to discounts of 25%. Bulk purchases in excess of R3600 will entitle you to a discount of 30%.

Any retailer of the Ambrosia perfume products can retail the product at prices they deem appropriate.

Who qualifies to retail the Ambrosia range of perfumes?

Any individual or any existing organization can retail the Ambrosia range of perfumes. As long as you make the minimum purchases as stipulated above you will qualify for the trader’s discount. You can then sell the product at any price you deem appropriate.

Individuals: If you work or live in an environment where there are lots of people then you can sell the Ambrosia products on a part-time or full time basis. This can be an ideal opportunity for someone with a full-time job to generate significant additional income or for someone that is unemployed to become an entrepreneur.

Existing Retailers: If you own a Hair and Beauty Salon, clothing or fashion boutique or a cosmetic retail outlet, then the Ambrosia products will present you with a perfect opportunity to supplement your income with minimal effort. Established retailers in the hair, beauty and fashion industry can retail the quality Ambrosia perfumes under the Ambrosia branding or use the Ambrosia products with their own brand and logo to strengthen and promote their own brand. Ambrosia can assist with customizing the perfume packaging to incorporate your brand name and logo. (terms and conditions apply)

Non-Profit Organizations – We give back to our community: Our fundraising opportunities

We are firm believers in the adage that charity begins at home, at our schools, and in our communities! What better way to show our gratitude towards the community that sustains us, the country that nurtures us, than to help our fellow citizens uplift themselves, thus uplifting homes, communities and the nation!

Schools, Churches and Charity organizations can use this opportunity to generate much needed funds. By selling to parents, members of churches and members of the community, the organization will be able to generate funds in a sustainable manner.

Are you a member of a church that is in dire need of raising funds? If so, ask your church authorities to make contact with Ambrosia to discuss details on our fundraising opportunities that will allow the organization to raise funds in a sustainable and progressive manner.

Do you know of a school or a welfare organization that is in dire need of funds? If so, inform the principal and other relevant authorities about the Ambrosia fundraising opportunities.

Getting started is simple

  1. Complete the registration form online (below) or call / email Ambrosia
  2. Purchase your samples. Ambrosia supplies samples in 10ml bottles at a subsidised rate (terms and conditions apply). There are more than 105 fragrances in the Ambrosia range. You can choose the number of samples you would like to purchase to get started. It is recommended that you start with at least 10 samples of ladies fragrances and 5 fragrances from the men’s range. Ambrosia can also provide you with a list of the top 10 and top 20 best sellers on request. Delivery is free when purchasing 15 or more samples.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the fragrances in our range. Basic knowledge on the various fragrances will help you speak more confidently about the products to your potential customers and market the product with ease.

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FREE shipping on orders over R400.
Spend R1000 or more and get 20% discount. Spend R1500 or more and get 25% discount, Spend R3600 or more and get 30% discount. Dismiss